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Our skills

Offer to industrial preclinical and clinical studies.

Demontrate health effect of their products by scientific proofs 

  • Marketing goal
  • Health claim

New health claim on French market:

  • All claims regarding the health effect of food
  • Based on scientific proofs newly established
  • Accorded by EFSA (European authority of food safety)

Demonstration of health effect by scientific proofs

  • Scientific monitoring
  • Go with industrials on scientific and financial aspects of their project
  • Develop an original pre-clinical approach to study functional impact of nutrients on brain
  • Provide clinical datas to demonstrate efficiency on human model (nutritional intervention)
  • Produce scientific literature
  • Go with industrials to elaborate scientific folder




Crédit Impôt Recherche

cirR&D expenses entrusted to Nutribrain receive approval to CIR (Research Tax Credit)