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Research and Development

Protocol elaboration, support on the assembly of file

Perform studies:

Pre-clinical studies on animal models



  • Animals models of human physiopathology: perinatality, ageing,...
  • Vulnerability models
  • Animals models of human nutritional status: deficiency, unbalanced diet, obesity, diabetes,…
  • Control and qualify nutritional status by diets and quantitative analysis
  • Qualify physio-pathological status and its modifications (peripheral and central inflammation, metabolic biomarkers, activity of HPA axis,…)
  • Highlight behavior effects (on memory, anxiety,…)
  • Elucidate mechanisms involved in functional effects of nutrients

Clinical study: nutritional interventionetude clinique

  • Setting of clinical study: nutritional intervention
  • Definition of inclusion criteria
  • Following of nutritional status markers
  • Following of biomarkers (inflammation,…)
  • Neuropsychiatric and cognitive assessment
  • Type of population: Pediatric, Aged,…

Cross-disciplinary projects : 

We realise co-working between no-concurrent industrials:

  • Producer of raw material (Extraction, characterisation)
  • Producer of ingredient (Development, characterisation)
  • Producer of human food (product development)
  • Producer of animal food (product development)
  • Producer of dietary supplement



Crédit Impôt Recherche

cirR&D expenses entrusted to Nutribrain receive approval to CIR (Research Tax Credit)